Santiago Cohen • ExVida

Santiago Cohen is a Mexican/American artist living in Jersey CIty, NJ. Ten years ago he started an ambitious art installation that he called Exvida Project. He wanted to paint more than a 1000 oil paintings with written texts in a sequential order, the same way retablos or exvotos are made in the churches of Mexico.  Santiago wanted to tell like a graphic novel different stories of his life and to express the impact of migration from Mexico City to New York. Over the years while he was working on it he had different shows in different galleries with different parts of the story, and now finally he has finished the whole work to show it all at once, all 1150 pieces together.
Exvida narrates multiple heart felt stories of his life starting as a kid with the experience being raised in a traditional family post WWII in Mexico City. Later on we discovers funny and dramatic experiences looking for love in the 1970s. Leading to his experience migrating to New York City in the 1980s with his wife. The last stories deal with funny situations when he tries to succeed as an artist and as a stay home dad raising his kids.

You can buy the first book in a limited signed and numbered edition. Only 120 left

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